Character Profile – The Tin Man

There is a rusty man-like person, who was so rusted that he squeaks when he shuffles. The tin man was so metallic, that he has a shell like a can. His nose had no curve at the end; just part that had been cut off. His body has so little things, that if you banged on his chest, it will sound hollow. He rusts so easily, that he needs to wear a hat so that he doesn’t rust as much. The tin man is man who has one of the kindest hearts in Oz. His ownly desire was to have a heart. You will find him in the woods.

By Joshua

Character Profile – The Tin Man

Once there was a rusty, dark, silver tin man. He was made of old tin. This man had a kettle-like hat on his head. His nose stuck out so he looked like Pinocchio. He had a rather fancy tin bow-tie which hag gone rusty. The man with the odd hat, had a turned-up collar and sky-blue eyes. His face was reflecting sunlight. He had hinges attaching his arms and legs to his bulky, ancient body. The man who had a weird nose had ears which were folded back to his head. He had buttons to his bow-tie from his legs, but on his face he had large wrinkles and a pleasant smile. He was a kind-hearted man.

By George

Character Profile -The Wicked Witch

Once there was a horrible and wicked with with emerald-green skin. Her teeth were as brown as soft, brown bread. You would find her in a gigantic, forbidden castle. The witch’s wooden, rusty broomstick was as smelly as her rotten breath. Her laugh was so scary that chills would race down your spine.

By Harry

Character Profile – The Wicked Witch

Once there was a nasty, wicked witch. She had a hat as pointy as a unicorn’s horn. She had green, horrible skin. She rode on a crooked, long and old broomstick. You will find her in a rotten, dusty, wonk castle, where she vanished. Her laughs are as loud as tiger’s roar. She always did what she wanted. If you get in her way, she will turn you into a slimy, green, jumping frog. She has bright, white cobwebs and spooky, crawling spiders. Mostly, she can be defeated but she is the worst, wicked witch ever.

By Elisha

Character Profile – The Lion

Once there was a cowardly, old lion who was as scared as a timid rabbit. His whiskers were longer than a cat’s and if you wanted to find him, you would have to go to the heart of the haunted forest, in the Land of Oz. His fluffy coat is as fluffy as a cloud.

By Fynley

The Land of Oz

In the wonderful, magical land of Oz, a glamorous, emerald-green city stood  below the wonderful, vibrant rainbow which was brighter than the sun. The colourful flowers laid beyond the brown and yellow trees. Glistening low on the ground, the yellow brick road looked as bright as the sun.

By Brooke